! Transgender !..

Standing in front of the mirror
Looking at myself from the era of eye to the whole fusion body to identify
Who am I?
The world teases me with many names
But I don’t mind the fact of there thinking, I just walk forward to show them that everyone is equal.
As while traveling on the road you will face many obstacles like stones on road, but you won’t go back or to walk on the other path, you will be on the same road till your life takes you there, Likewise we the Transgender are the humans we do have a heart to live & a life to see!. We the transgender spreads love towards the other people and accepting the same for everyone no matter in their difference,
but In the world every person are not the same they are built with many of micro outer feeling to the macro inner sexual habits, but the problem is the word “Society” they have their own eyes, but they percept the things from different voices, if we the transgender are walking on the road there will be many kinds of humans, some will respect us, but some will laugh on us the problem of the society is the problem of their thinking, the thinking is that person who lives your life by two world, one is good another is Evil.. Mainly peoples believe in their eyes, but the fact is from their own mind if they respect their mind, then they can respect anyone in the world, we transgender have our own life to live, but it is the life where we mainly faces many anxiety phases and because of that some transgender hides their life to be not made a laughing toy in front the world, the thing what we expect is to respect us as you respect yourself.. Everyone are same in the there own way, it is just a thinking which can change a person’s life or that thinking which decides the action of the mind.. So please, respect us & respect every person in the world!…
Today, after standing in front of the mirror, I saw the Sparkling reflection
In my eyes it is the reflection of every second where I made me who am I. “Transgender is the mirror of an opposite sign of an Evil world “…
(P.S. this post is an important message from me to  Each & Every Transgender people’s who is going through with such a time, so we are here to help them which is also an expression of the humanity.

2 thoughts on “Transgender!..”

  1. What a beautiful post! It is wonderfully written, soo full of compassion. “We the transgender spreads love towards the other people and accepting the same for everyone no matter in their difference……” says it all. I believe that those who are transgender know more about love than others do, except of course for some self love gtakes time to gain. Have a wonderful day.

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