!!.Old, Dusty Books!..

Hello it’s, me Another old Dusty Book
Which Was trapped by thoughts which is hidden for some many years in different pages of my Dusty Dirty mark, it made me new to old as
I know I am getting old, but I was young yesterday with a new dress as the beautiful cover page to read my charming light to shine the whole world of a reader mind, but today No one reads me, why because I am getting old I thought books doesn’t have any age, but I was wrong, we are the one who die so early within a week by inconspicuous or a day as we were not taken proper care or concern by anyone to care, that’s why we are getting old and the Dirty dust makes their home on us and to live their life until it was thrown outside of the home.
This is what I was treated in my life till yesterday,
But today someone opened me & my other friend from the bookshelves and cleaned all the dust from us.
Then I questioned him why are you cleaning us ?. He told Books is something which cannot lives you alone, until you leave them alone.. the life of mine what I learnt everyday from you all is Me,
You made me realize what is the beautiful life is all called about
My life was a suffering pin shuffling everyday with a new problem and no one was there to stand with me, when I was in mindless world to the disgrace time, you all helped me from that particular phase, after reading many kind of books my Imagination & creativity broad my mind with many great expression to live a normal person’s life. So life is knowing by your world & you will be always old to be called as Gold!… So I have written a poetry of my life with you in my mind so I want to write my poetry in the backside of your old dusty page!….

WALKING WITH Old, Dusty Books…..
Life is began to change
Days to delight
I am almost here
In the world of unpredictable time
Bringing the light to change my life
Nights to the star
walking with a Dream
Eternal feelings,
Lift me higher and higher,
From all star beings
Underneath the whisper of glorious wind..
The words, can’t stop talking inside you
When we are turning a page
It Feels the growth of the strength marked on a moral way
Cause you keep Rising
Like the day ends
and night arise
Back through the years
Back to the star
I am all yours
You are my life!….
!! Thank-you !!

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