!! Old School Days!!…

!! Old School Days!!…
Waking up in the morning with a curious mind
It is the first day to enter into a new world
Where a different phase will start Among with the different stage to live
Curiosity hyper the feeling
It’s down to travel the road of a decent mind
Rhyming down the first Step in a cruel world
to Craved all the memories made for the ones
to live with it, until the life misses you !….
Turning back to those days in mind
It is the School Day’s life,
when you step forward to walk alone in a beautiful journey, which is left behind without any restriction to live your own world, Where you are alone for a time until the next phase you come out with your own world where you created many miracles. the most Beautiful days of childhood in a most attractive world, is the old School days with a great mesmerized memory is remind Everyday in the most ideal time of life.
If it’s the morning class or the Eve canteen world, Hang out with friends at the break time or to make mischief in the classroom or to be punished with them or to share the best moments with them or to impress the girls kind of Sighting is the best word, this what the school days is all about,
it is our world we create a Day & a time to be remembered till the next day. It was the best time and a great phase of life, will be never forgotten in this life for sure! ..
Old School Day is what you discover everyday by yourself in your own world, if it is to learn by hard or to play for the win.
school days are the best gift of the childhood if you have never experienced before then you haven’t lived your life till yet, it is something that you can’t even imagine!..
My old school days of staring was a very interesting from the Vibrant Culture (Gujarat) to adopt the South Indian life was a difficult task, but
later my school days was the most enjoying and interesting like a movie,
I was a brilliant student & a tag good boy in the classroom but the teacher doesn’t know that behind all the mischief done in the classroom is from my mind. There I learnt what a school life is all about & learn to know
the nature beauty of India is all called about the placed I lived was the most beautiful, Ooty a hill station in the South India..
The word( Anna or Akka) the unique name I have experience with that many traditional which was the beautiful South Indian peoples are humble and helpful too.
The day when I joined there my school, I was in 4th standard it was very new to me, new friends & a new culture to experience.
There they speak Tamil language which was very difficult and most people’s are different with their traditional cloth White Shirt & Lungi it was a very intriguing experience which was never experienced before & never seen to. It was as like a bird forgot the path of the home & by mistakely entered into a new place where he never travelled before but he will stay for the one day to remember for the life!.
life is really great were ever it takes us, it makes a great journey for the time..
My old school days from the first day while entering the classroom to the last day by hugs, crying moments with friends, Were the first day I was feeling very alone, but on the last day I was wondering why I am leaving this place..
This is what My Old school Days are all about!..
what a time it was missing everyday & every moment, which is left behind, but was the best time in the life!..

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