“While the tea was getting cold

“While the tea was getting cold
I was catching a cop who was very dangerous in shape and by mind very sharp !.. It was constantly looking at me very little in size but very scary from the shape it is none other than Mr cockroach. He was on the mirror quelling with troops & I was very angry because it was my first day of office, so I was getting ready looking my face in the mirror, but when I saw them I was very angry & then I shouted angrily !..
I have a phobia of  insects & cockroach is my all time enemy, but that time only my eyes seeing, them as an opponent troops in a war, then the war started it was the real war going on between me & him (there main leader) he was running front & I was back to catch him, it is also like a Tom & Jerry show running in live, here Tom is me & Jerry is Mr cockroach he was running very fast & he is shape is small & my mark is to catch that cockroach after the movie of 15 minutes I finally caught that cockroach it was a great achievement as like Harry in Harry Potter caught the snitch in the end that was my feeling!!.. Then I threw him out of my house than I saw the time it was 10:30 Am it was very late again, I stared at me my first day of office to reach at 10Am but it was late for the half an hour & than I thought going to office will be reaching around 11:30 than boss will shout on me it’s better to inform them that today I am not able to come!..
Then I went to the dinning table for my breakfast looking at the table my breakfast & the tea was very cold as like a cold water !!.. Then I went to the kitchen to prepare my breakfast again & to make tea again than after I thought today is a very free day, so let’s do something new so I went outside the home to call the Cockroach troops again to play the second innings !!ha-ha!!…

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