“Crumpled tissue”…

“Standing in the coffee shop
A beautiful lady who was walking outside the cafe
But left down a Crumpled tissue
Which was fully Squeezed
I thought, let’s throw it in the dustbin
As to keep the place clean & to clear the way for others to enter in the cafe,
But while taking the tissue it is written something
At 6pm Jawar Chowk, Slice out Restaurant in Red wardrobe,
I thought what is this maybe an important private note of that lady
then I kept that piece of tissue in my pocket
And at Eve 6pm I went to that restaurant to give that tissue note, when I reached there I saw that lady she was waiting for someone, then I went near to her & before saying anything, she asked me are you Rahul I was shocked for a while how does she knows my name, then she said I know everything about you please settle down in the chair give me your five minutes & than I told ya sure, this tissue is thrown for you because I am big fan of your poetry, if it’s a silent soul or my music world or many of the poetries you have written is transcribed, which you have made a great combination of living life with the beauty of love, I am a big fan of your work that’s why I have thrown that tissue to meet you, I am crazy for you!..
That movement I was wondering what to say now than with, that meet my journey taken a new way departing in the love world, Where I haven’t travelled before it is because of that a Crumpled tissue which made my day for the life..


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