” The Simplest word. “Alone”

Turning back to those days in the past
Where My Childhood Days were a Crumpled
As a Rough paper of Scrubbing book.
A Person who is born with the simplicity, but the world exploded,
the inner exception change at the same time
things look weird until it’s been cleaned as a way,
People used me everyday
Because I am an innocent soul with the tag Crying bull
My life was on the road of a mental torture chamber every day
Some Where in the boarding school,
Boys torches me by their evilness,
And girls play with my feelings and laughs at me
No one is my friend I am alone in this world
With innocent nature, to the feel of aloneness
but I know how to live the life as simple as the Simplest word
“Alone for today, but later someone will join
my journey of life, to live forever
till the next time!!…


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