!! Psycho – The Mystery Behind!!..

This is a story of Three friends who are travelling to the Nanda Valley Waterfalls to spend their weekend holidays!…One friend name is Joy, who was a passionate Photographer, second friend name is Elle who was a fashion designer and third is Rahul who was an Engineer,they are the best friends from childhood.
Their main motto is to bring their different talent out which was a hidden from the world, it is rock music and their have there own music band which is named as “Unity Rockers”, they three are the artist behind, So There are going to the Nanda valley to record their latest Album the Name is “Psycho” while traveling to Nanda valley they have a short stoppage to hold and the time was  6pm, little bit raining & cloudy atmosphere !!..after the stoppage they went from that place in the car, Rahul was driving a car and Elle is sitting nearby and back joy who was very silent.. Joy is a very talkative person & very jolly, but that moment he was very silenced.. Rahul asked him what happened,but the joy was in silence mode!. after travelling the certain distance joy suddenly shouted like a mad person his body was getting very strong & behaving like an awkward person, and outside of the car it was terribly raining !! Rahul stopped the car, Elle got feared after seeing joy!!. then Rahul saw a house hear to the road he caught Joy’s hand & Elle leg !..
They reached the nearest house looking like a cottage
Rahul knocked on the door, a beautiful woman opened the door and asked what happened?, Rahul said please help me, I will tell you everything than women taken everyone inside the home & said everything as he’s behaving weirdly !! joy was unconscious & after a few minutes he slept on Rug
The woman’s father steps down to see what is happening than his daughter said that he is behaving like mad, his father who was a psychiatrist !! he asked to Rahul have you ever seen him doing this kind of things I mean Plausible talk Rahul replied no sir, he haven’t done before this is the first time, okay let me check him, he saw his eyes was very dreaming & trying him to bring on normal mode but joy was babbling like a mad person, Rahul & Elle got feared asking to the Psychiatrist is what happen to my friend, he told he is being hypnotized by someone!! Rahul doesn’t believe, but later he realised by his action & then he went to ask now what to do to Psychiatrist he told he will be normal soon, And after an hour Psychiatrist did some treatment & joy was in the normal mode, he was totally fine & he itself doesn’t know what happened to him as he was in deep sleep.
Than Rahul said you were behaving like a psycho person… Joy said oh, i got it, why I was behaving like this it is because of the album Psycho, Rahul Said What are you saying, Joy said you have remembered before coming to this place we have held a place. yes, so what happened there Joy told there I was sitting in a car with the deep thinking of Psycho in mind, I am thinking only of that word & maybe I think the word Perception cracked my mind & filled up with kind of action..Thinking only for a particular thing made my mind in the reality world!..

P.S The Mystery of abnormal mind is totally solved, And then later they went from that home to record their album & it was the most hit albums of their all time by this album they got a new identity as ” Psycho Rockers”.


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