!! Time travelling on a wish !!

“At the moment life is very strange
From Known person to unknown stranger
a most important person of life
leaves me today who have promised to live
the whole life till the end, but leaving in-between
Saying it is my wish, I can live, my life how I want.
A while travelling back to those days in mind
The great moments rewind
As divine Rose has been made today
Time Travelling on a wish
Sleeping on the Crouch with the Stress mind
Life becomes coward with the string of angriness
Rude behavior cached my day with the disappointed time
Morning Job left Me and At Noon Girl friend,
I am shocked like a fused bulb of Sparkling light
Will the days of life will change on my wish time
Or It will travel at same as a
“Broken line of unpredictable time.!..
– Chirayu

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