Did You know I could ?

Do Anything for you,
if it’s to make your favourite paper boat for the running water fall game or to make a Cinderella doll by mud, or everyday evening for a ride on my shoulder or to buy your favourite chocolate.
Every morning I use to pray for you & my life starts with you & ends up with you.
I promise to give you every happiness, but Please comeback daughter, please come back don’t leave your father like this,
I know we poor people can pray & just dream to eat for the day or to sleep in our own small home nor in the fearful Street, I know I am a poor person and I don’t have enough money to buy for you a luxury item, but I can give you every happiness, love, but please don’t leave me like this on this day when your mother left us. You were one year old your nurture was done by this hands as till the date it is you my princess, my star my life please come back to your Dad I miss you !!.. Did You know I could ?

P.S Daughter left her Dad for the financial crisis & her mind got disturb for sometime, later she realised that his father is a hero till the date he suffered a lot & she came back, father was very happy after seeing her back).


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