Shadow of life!..

!!.One shadow of my life!!..
Watching you every night in a divine wineglass
Premeditated the system of life,
while pouring you for the first time
Your Eyes Flattered my heart today
with memories of love & myth of life…
After drinking the cup of wine
my eyes taste your lips with the bloom,
fragrance of Shadow & the
reflection of the kiss left behind the night,
the time of a golden red rose in the sky
Flowering to knot for the life
Glowering together is falling in one living soul
A Reflecting eyes departs my love to you
It is the time to ask you for being with me the whole life
or the day will be shined from
the love we left yesterday in beauty night
your red lips to my coral blood eyes..
Will this day might be written with
glamorise scent of jasmine eyes or
taste of wine will fire again to
find you in my beauty magical night!!.

…Shadow Replied !..
Take a sip of me
From your divine chalice.
Drink my wisdom, for, it’ll
Ablution your life.
My eyes are glancing at you
Weaving histories and future
Of our lives.
Telescope closes your lips with mine
Till the scarlet rose blooms
In the sky.
As your reflecting eyes
Departs to me
Asking me to be with you,
Hear what heart whisperes to you,
“Can you hear my voice?
I am longing to be with you
beyond every days and nights.”

– Chirayu…

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