The Broken Leg!.

!!.The Broken Leg !!..
This morning I saw my replica in the mirror
Talking to me, he said-
Watching you today feels like a Bird without wings,
He is trying to find me
Recalling the good old days
When I never skipped a moment
To reach a new milestone daily
Longing to see me with the same old pace
Just like the fresh foamed waterfall marching towards the sea
With a constant flow seeking its way to join the infinite bundle of adventure.

Stun was I with the words that I just heard from the facing
Look at the fate of uncertainty
Here I sit with my broken leg.
As I recall the memories of my childhood
Flashing fast-food like an indelible movie
Rising Water,
Those dazzling Eyes,
And the sudden catastrophe
The broken sobbing Voice pleads for help
Yet nobody comes forward lend me a helping hand

I Pause my life
To witness my shattered dreams every moment
Reminding me of the tripped numbness
Yet I am still alive with my broken leg!
Infusing myself to muster the lost courage
Thirsting to set myself free from the artificial shackles
Marching towards the purpose of my existence.


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