Waiting for the day…

1456234717103!! Short Fiction Endless Love Story !!…
..!! Waiting For the day !!
Time waits for you every day at this Coffee shop!. I hope where ever you are, you might be happy to see me that still I remembered you & the journey of our love was started from this place!..
I remembered the day when we met first time in this Coffee shop I was drinking coffee & operating in mobile doing some work , but suddenly a beautiful voice knocked on my mind doors was yours coming towards me asking me the address of the house by coincidence which was near to my Aunt’s house where I lived as P.G (Paying guest)..
when everyday you use to come to this coffee, I use to follow you I don’t know what happened to me, I was lost in you! yours eyes, praise me a beautiful friend than ever I get & than when I started talking to you it was the time for a new story started with you from the time of the Wake up Jogging at morning to the cup of tea at eve was the most beautiful time we spent together!..  As time goes on….
one day I thought it was a correct time to ask you a special gift for the life to get something great as to get married,  but you have rejected my proposal of love as was one sided!… Days gone & time has reflected our relationship!..we were broken pieces of heart & our friendship was the end of the day!. but today sitting again here at the coffee shop reminds me the memories we have spent together, the day when you use to come daily to meet me & brings up new gift every day. sitting here reminds you by ordering your favourite lemon tea reminds me, you,but why you have gone, why you left me, Why my Creases are rubbing off from my hand, I think my life stop for today to twisted again at the next day in the same coffee shop with a same ordering cup of lemon tea but with a different memory of love!.. !… I believe one day you will come again in this same Coffee shop to complete this endless story  !!..
“Life has many ways to live, but Love has one way to Wait until it comes into your life to pick up that one day which makes your life special in many ways!!..
– Chirayu..


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