“Dream of love”- A Short fairy tale!!….

….Dream of love!! A Short fairy tale!!….
Until my heart trapped Today
My soul phases for you !…
Is it all that I am suffering now,
Phobia of love shimmered
my heart with the name of her
who hide me every time to turn a magical Night..
Her Blue Eyes painted a beautiful
fragrance of a Red rose
Cold chilled breezes in mind,
heart burns to speak out the
three magical words,
but the time holds me,
to think again, to live again, to fall again,
to love again from the first sight!!..

I waited for a correct time
Those nights mild me to think
You are Everything about my life
Young forever continue to be
a mile colored of an addiction
when does the time happen
when we wish something happens…
I closed my eyes With Yours loving hands!
And how quiet the pain
Well ‘lay no sleep wave
As the last stroke stirs,
Fullest you my whole heart.

I left you tonight in my heart
to meet you again in a new life
with a new fairy tale!….
Love is what you cannot visualise
it tear out with the name of her
For not perceiving the moment held with her
just a dream that carry my fairy-tale for the time……….
“kiss me to rescue my life again with the lips to say goodbye”.
– Chirayu..

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