My Nature Bird..

..My Nature Bird…
Squeezing mind to bring out
Something new for a while,
Tapping  down the head
Praising down the mind
Yearning out a picture
Pausing at the knocking door
One thing blows above my mind
Scripting the noises in waving time
Show’s an aging instep of
climbing men down the mountain
Freaking up an ice cup
watching you from the height
Reeling down a new world
With Pretty face fair & beautiful as Nature..
I look upon you and happiness
climbs into my life…
owing my heart to shall down
To pure, beautiful and charming
But At distant mountains struck by the thunder time
A rapidly noisy thunderstorm shower down
Swinging around the reflections of lights
To the night, its already a Nature of birds,
flying today with open wings
By Capturing the beauty of life!…

This was my Nature bird to travel yours life by capturing the
!! The freedom you had before the time !!…
– Chirayu..

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